South Pacific, Beauty & The Beast and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


Producers Ray Limon and Joshua Carr seeking the following for the 2023 Season of Musicals Under the Stars

Adult Auditions by appointment are December 12th and 13th starting at 6pm at the amphitheatre

71560 San Jacinto Blvd - Rancho Mirage


Youth Auditions for South Pacific (Ngana and Jerome), Beauty & The Beast (Chip) and Joseph (choir)

are December 11th ONLY at Noon

NO YOUTH REGISTRATION REQUIRED - Just download song (below) and arrive at noon on the 11th

Call backs by invitation only:

December 14th (Beauty & The Beast)

Dec 15th (South Pacific and Joseph)

Please be available if called back for either day as called

Bring Pic/Resume, piano music in the correct key – no Recorded or a’cappella singing permitted

Be prepared to dance and read if asked



Director/Musical Director Joshua Carr , Choreographer Ray Limon, Conductor Scott Smith

All roles open except Bloody Mary, Liat and Cable

EMILE DeBEQUE – (40’s +) Strong, rich baritone, strong actor, large presence, romantic lead

NELLIE – (20’s +) Strong alto/Mezzo, strong actress, moves well, charismatic Arkansas girl, romantic lead

BILLIS - (30’s+) Baritone, strong comedic actor who moves well

CAPTAIN BRACKETT – (50’s +)  Strong actor, non-singing role

HARBISON – (40’s +) Strong actor, non-singing role

JEROME and NGANA – (6-12) Both soprano voices, actors – will be selected from the Dec 11th Youth audition

MALE ENSEMBLE – (18 +) Tenors/Baritones/Basses to play Seabees and other character roles including Henri

FEMALE ENSEMBLE - (16-45) dancers who sing well – to play nurses



Director/Choreographer Ray Limon, Musical Director Leigh Sutherlin, Conductor Joshua Carr

All roles open except Belle

BEAST – (20’+) Bass/Baritone, larger than life, strong actor and singer

GASTON - (20’+) Bass/Baritone, physically fit, self indulgent, good with comedy, should move well

LEFOU – (18 +) Baritone, strong physical comedian, should move well

MAURICE – (50’s +) Baritone, loving father, strong actor

MRS POTTS – (40’s +) Mezzo-Soprano, warm character actress, strong vocals

LUMIERE – (20’s +) Baritone, French accent, comedic actor who moves and sings well

CHIP – (7 +) Boy Soprano, good with dialogue

COGSWORTH – (30’s +) Baritone, comedic actor who moves and sings well

D’ARQUE (40’s +) Tenor, dark character, antagonist, in charge of the asylum

WARDROBE – (30’s +) Soprano, operatic, comedic timing a plus

BABETTE – (20’s +) Soprano, French accent, good comedic timing and must move well

MALE/FEMALE ENSEMBLE - Singers, dancers to play all other character roles ages 14+ 


*Ensemble for Beauty MUST ATTEND DANCE CALL BACK ON Wed, Dec 14th - 7:30pm – be prepared to sing as well



Director/Choreographer Ray Limon, Musical Director/Conductor Joshua Carr

All roles open

JOSEPH – (18 +) Rock belt Tenor, Strong presence, physically fit

NARRATOR - (16 +)  Strong belt alto, story teller, warm actress

JACOB – (50’s +) Father of the brothers – warm actor, minimal singing

POTIPHAR – (50’s +) Slave owner, moves well, strong singer and comedic actor

Mrs. POTIPHAR – (20’s +)  Strong featured dancer who also doubles in wives ensemble

REUBEN – Tenor, good with comedy (French brother)

LEVI – Baritone (Country brother)

NAPTHALI – Baritone (Calypso brother)

BUTLER/BAKER - (double as brothers), Baritone/Tenor

BROTHERS (14 – 30’s) Simeon, Asher, Dan, Benjamin, Isacar, Zebulan, Gad, Judah – SINGERS WHO MOVE WELL

PHAROAH – Bass/Baritone, Elvis impersonator, strong comedic actor

FEMALE SINGING ENSEMBLE – (14 +) strong alto and soprano singers for the ensemble

FEMALE DANCE ENSEMBLE – (14 +) Strong dancers who sing

GUARDS – (18 +) Non singing, physically fit males to play guards


*All brothers, female ensemble and Mrs. Potiphar MUST ATTEND DANCE CALL BACK ON Thurs, Dec 15th at 6pm


KIDS CHORUS – Ages 7-17 – MUST ATTEND AUDITION ON Sunday, Dec 11th ONLY at Noon – please download and prepare the song provided below - do NOT register.  Be prepared to sing and dance

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