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Set Rental

If interested in renting any piece listed below, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Early 1900's Pull Wagon

Wagon (Annie Get Your Gun)

Annie Oakley Banner (Aprox 18'x10')

Annie Oakley Banner

Frank Butler Banner (Approx 18'x10')

Frank Butler Banner

Rolling Curved Marble Steps 

Ballroom Steps

Rolling Marble Planters (2)

Rolling Planter

Light Arc Boxes

Light Boxes

Train Seats (3) No windows or bed

Christmas Carol Doors (Set of Three) and Bed

Door 1
Door 2
Door 3
Rolling Bed

Rolling Fireplace Unit

Fireplace Unit

Rolling Desk Units (2)

Rolling Desks



Ursula's Cauldron

Ursula's Cauldron

White Metal Park Bench

White Bench

Magic Flying Carpet

Magic Flying Carpet
Magic Flying Carpet

Domina Busts (2)

Domina Bust 1
Domina Bust 2 (Nose Broken)

Shower Unit

Thanksgiving Follies Banner

Military Office Unit

Flower Walls

Billis Laundry Sign

Bloody Mary Kiosk

U.S. Navy Barrel

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